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Are you or your loved one suffering from sleep apnea in Dallas? The affects of sleep apnea vary from irritation, constant drowsiness or to an increase risk of heart disease. To those that are effectively diagnosed and treat their sleep apnea, the benefits they see are astonishing. After the sleep study Dallas,They report increased vitality, happier relationships and overall better quality of life. Borowski Sleep Center’s sleep apnea solution is simple and can easily provide treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

The Burden of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

According to the American Sleep Association, sleep apnea is a common sleeping disorder that affects approximately 12 million Americans. It is often noticed by a loved one, due to the fact there is little way of knowing that you have difficulty breathing during the night.

OSA is a disorder that lasts between 10 to 20 seconds and affects your breathing while you are sleeping. While you are sleeping, all of your muscles are relaxed. During that time, your airways often fail to stay open causing you to snore or even wake you or your loved one.

Sleep Apnea and Your Jaw

Sleep apnea problems typically begin with jaw position during sleep. If your jaw becomes misaligned, sleep apnea maybe the result. Correcting the jaw position and allowing for proper breathing will more than likely eliminate OSA and provide a better night’s sleep.

How Can Borowski Sleep Center Help Patients With Sleep Apnea?
When you step into the Borowski Dallas Sleep Center, you will immediately connect with a team dedicated to your needs. You’ll find a comfortable sleep apnea solution as you consult with Dr. Borowski. If you are diagnosed with OSA, the next step is to determine if The SomnoMed Advantage that is right for you.

No Machines. Simple Solutions.
The SomnoMed is an easy to wear orthodontic appliance that takes a unique approach to treating OSA. This orthodontic appliance will reposition the lower jaw, helping individuals keep a clear pathway for a healthy, productive sleep pattern. This sleep apnea solution will provide you with a more restful night sleep for not only you, but your loved one as well.

Our caring patient centered practice hopes to help you begin your journey to a better night’s sleep by providing you with a simple Dallas sleep apnea solution, The SomnoMed Advantage.

*Currently not accepting medicare patients.

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